Wednesday, December 03, 2008

words and phrases that set my heart a flutter from anatomy 101 at Ivy Tech in 2008

for those of you who may not know, in 2008 i got a little saucy and decided to take an anatomy course at our community college. during lecture, my mind gets blown with all these wonderful letters that go together to make wonderful sounding words. poetic almost.

i am including a list of the words that make me swoon.

-fovea centralis
-anterior superior iliac spine
- Node of Ranvier
- oligodendrocyte
- z disc
- pronator
- ischium
- zygomatic arch
- hypothenar eminence
- bulb of Krauss
- spiral organ of Corti

this is the first, though a little lacking, for me. i have more up my sleeves. don't you worry.

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  1. Whenever I think of the nodes of Ranvier, I also think of myelin sheath.


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