Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 5 Best Comments Left on Buddies (Space, Santa, Air, Snow, Etc...) Related Youtube Videos

Space Buddies are Takin' Over this blog!!! Call an National Buddies Emergency! Whoo ooo Whoo ooo! Geez!

This started as mere excited comments to the Burzen's post when I suddenly realized I had a
bonafied list on my hands.

5. This one is last because the comments aren't actually very interesting (and there are only two), So its actually just about the video. However, You are also probably going to be wanting to checking this one out. The demoreel of Matt Pursley, one of the FX guys from Space Buddies which includes awesome stuff from Space Buddies (like breakdowns and composites of "making of" stuff), Space Chimps and some awesome CG thing called Feather Dream.

You're Hired Matt!

4. The Awesome Theme song stills of the buddies in Air Buddies, has tons of great comments. You're Hired Buddies! airbuddiesrule wishes to tell us, "hey hey im bdawgbuddie with another account hey yo dawg i love b-dawg." clarethegreat19 comments twice one month apart to little avail, "whats budderballs song? i want it on my iPod and whos it by," which is mostly funny if you watch the video and hear the song she has been dying to have on her iPod for the last several months. Elsewhere an obvious buddies-rookie makes the mistake of saying B-dog, but is swiftly corrected by diligent buddies fact check agents.

3. When it comes to bonus features that even lilsmoke1095 hasn't seen yet B-Dawg Rapping is the tops! You know a vid is good when it inspires the likes of DjSviper96 to comment, "Air Buddies Snow Buddies Budderball B-Dawg Mudbud budha rosebud." Meanwhile after seeing this lovebug2185 said, "omg that is funny when i whaching underdog cuz when b dawg said ( CUZ I ANT NO BEGLE) ani i thougt of that thanks." However, webkinzrox24 quickly retored that in fact, "its NOT i ant no beagle its cuz i ant no bigo." Thanks for clearing things up webkinzrox24.

2. On the classic Snow Buddies Trailer, A commenter reports on the sad news of dogdeaths that burzen noted in his post to which astute debater nealer12 rebutted, "no they didend," bringing the debate to a swift close. Ignoring the dogtroversy, dogsfriendata wishes to let us know that, "I am happy, that I find that video. I haven`t seen that!" YES! Lastly Hellrazor900 commented a mere hour ago, in response to no one, about an adam that no has yet mentioned, "Cool. Adam's Dad is my dad's friend. Mike Dopud. Is this the second buddies installment?"

In other good news and quotes, Mike Dopud, either that kid's dad or that kid's dad's friend is, according to imdb, "...a man with presence. As an actor, his screen presence has a far different kind of impact than the kind he used to deliver as a professional athlete -- Both are hard-hitting and memorable."

1. In the rarely seen cult hit, "RoseBell ~ My Air Buddies Charactar," we see "RoseBell," apparently some kind of Buddies related Dog creation in a brief and intense slide show. The best quotes on this one come from the info to the video itself posted by SoccerStar1200 (who I have seen posting on other buddies material so she must be a true fan.) To quote:

RoseBells my Charactar for Air Buddies ETC
sry for some stuff i left out ^^"
Likes:Tenis, Skatebording,B-Dawg,Rosie,RoseMary(and girtar!)
Dislikes:HATERS,Wanna'Bes,Rude People,Fart jokes
Favorite Saying: Rock On Dudes
________________________________________ _____________
A smart and An adorably girl,RoseBell LOVES Tenis thats her favorite Sport,
(She has a BIG Crush on B-dawg and somtimes watch him when know ones looking!)
She likes to have fun and partys,When Shes not Playing Tenis or Day dreaming about B-dawg,RoseBell loves Fashion and Clothings,Shes Buddly Sweet and nice
and VERY Outgoing,But around B-Dawg Shes very shy...her favorite color is blue!

Good Work SoccerStar1200! SummerLoveLess thought your video was "Cute!<3." style="font-weight: bold;">webkinz779110 (not to be confused with webkinzrox24) boldly declared, "SHE'S NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!" This of course forced SoccerStar1200 to defend her creation with, "ummm yeah she is me and my friend came up witht the idea and i got the name from rosebudfan." 'Nuff Said!


  1. My post is having some html problems which don't seem to want to be fixed. Maybe it looks good on your browser. otherwise go in and fix it somebody.

  2. looks fine except for one place.

    now can we please please please make this a blog only about the buddies movies?

  3. that was jim not anna. anna doesn't like buddies movies nearly as much.

  4. I think I might end of preferring RoseBell's indie spinoff by SoccerStar1200 to other installments in the Buddies franchise. For reasons why, please see Anthony K's list of 5 reasons why indie films are better than hollywood's.

    While not an actual "list", but rather one entry in a much larger list, Anthony makes a number of good points that I believe can apply to RoseBell as well. In fact, by replacing "Maggie Gyllenhaal" with "Rosebell", you can get a sense of what SoccerStar1200's own introspective film must be like:

    "In her breakthrough film 2002's "RoseBell ~ My Air Buddies Charactar", for example, Rosebell bared body and soul as an ugly ducking assistant who finds her inner swan through a relationship with her sadistic owner (James Spader). First glimpsed crawling across an office floor, handcuffed and carrying a letter in her mouth, the apple-cheeked darling conveys not simple subservience, but a far more complex state of bound bliss."

    *Wow* I cannot wait to see this film.


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