Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Best lines from a trailer of a film in production in 2008

Quotes are from the Space Buddies trailer which I saw last week for the first time and are listed in chronological order.

1. "For shizzle, dog." — B-DAWG

2. "We're lost in space, dog." — B-DAWG

3. "Are you ready to go for the walk of your lives?" — SPUDNIK, the Russian astronaut-dog referring to a walk on the moon.

4. "Even I'm lighter than a feather." — BUDDERBALL

5. "Don't pull his paw!" — various BUDDIES in unison (offscreen). But their warning is too late! The robotic arm has already pulled Budderball's paw, causing him to pass gas and fill his space suit.


  1. yes! i thought they would never top snow buddies, but it looks like they have.

  2. also, my favorite quote from the trailer i just watched is where one of the dogs says "this is my last chance to go home to my boy sasha"

  3. haha yes!!!

    I love that it will be relesed on blu ray too. the kids couldn't live without hi-def buddies.

    I like jims line and also "the walk of your lives" line which I have to admit I actually think is funny.

  4. WOW! I've just watched the trailer and I its even better than imagined. The boy sasha quote is still the best, but I also like when the wierd voice announcer guys says "space buddies" at the end.


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