Monday, November 30, 2009

“The world didn't end.”

"No, it didn't."

After much debating and thought, I have finished composing my list of my top 25 x files episodes. Here are 25-11.

25. Requiem - I remember watching this episode when it aired, and trying in vain to tell all of my friends about it. I was in 8th grade and it was finals week. hah. I still think this should have been the series finale.

24. The Field Where I Died -

Mulder - “Dana, if, um, early in the four years we've been working together an event occurred that suggested or somebody told you that we've been friends together in other lifetimes always - would it have changed some of the ways we've looked at one another?”

Scully - “Even if I knew for certain, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe that flukeman thing. I could've lived without that just fine.”

23. Tempus Fugit / Max – I don’t know why this isn’t higher on my list. Some of my favorite dialog between scully and mulder are in this episode:

SCULLY: Mulder... you have never remembered my birthday in the four years I've known you.

MULDER: That's the way I like to celebrate them...It's every four years, it's like dog years that way.

SCULLY: Dog years? Thank you.

MULDER: You're welcome. Oh, I got something for you.

SCULLY: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

MULDER: It's just something that reminded me of you.

SCULLY: What, an alien implant?

MULDER: Two, actually. I made them into earrings.

22. All Souls - “Science only teaches us how, not why.”

21. Unruhe – There’s one reason I love this episode: HOWLERZ!! Hah I loved how mad scully gets when investigating Jerry… also I love Jerry’s crazy eyes.

20. Pusher/ Kitsunegari – Robert Modell is one of my favorite villains in the series. I would not want to get caught in a game of Russian Roulette with that guy.

19. Chinga – This Stephen King-written episode is probably one of my most watched episodes. I hate dolls, and the hokey pokey because of this. I remember being so scared when I watched it when I was younger.

18. Hollywood A.D. – Sometimes I just love the lighthearted episodes.

MULDER: (on phone) How about Richard Gere?

WAYNE FEDERMAN: (on phone) Ho! Yeah, okay. Uh, seriously. What if I said to you the name "Garry Shandling"?

MULDER: (on phone) Wayne, you're breaking up. It sounded like you said "Garry Shandling."

17. Irresistible/Orison - I love how affected by these cases Scully is. I think Donnie Pfaster is one of the creepiest villains on the x files. There's a great shot of him in his room with all the flowers from funerals. I love when scully is on the phone with mulder, and she says "anyway, you could use my help out there." and then he says "always"

16. Oubliette – I’ve always thought that some of the best x files are the ones where the case is very personal to mulder and scully. This one is a great Mulder episode. Also I think Lucy Householder is one of the best guest actors on the Show.

15. Triangle “You saved the world Scully.” “Yeah, you're right. I did.” This is a just a very highly entertaining episode to me. Besides all of the great acting and wonderful plot, the technical side of this episode amazes me. I also love the Wizard of Oz reference near the end when Mulder wakes up.

14. Paper Hearts - Another very personal one to Mulder. I really loved the character John Lee Roche.

13. Millenium - “The world didn't end.” “No, it didn't.” I remember the first time I saw this episode. I had been watching the show every week for about 4 years. Finally they kissed. And the world didn’t end. Apart from the ending, I love pretty much everything about this episode. A gunfight with zombies in the basement can’t be bad? Can it?

12. Our Town – This is just an episode that has always entertained me, ever since I watched it as a kid.

11. The Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paper Clip – I love everything about this trilogy. It answers a few questions in the series, but then just opens up even more. The CSM is great in these, I especially love his “BURN IT” line at the end of the Anasazi when Mulder is trapped in the boxcar. Another thing that I always love is the Native American culture in these episodes. I think that these are probably my favorite season enders and starters. Although Talitha Cumi and Herrenvolk, and The End and the Beginning are all good. However, I don’t care as much for Biogenesis and The Sixth Ex (stink) tions.

That’s it for now. 10-1 are going to be coming soon.

I want to believe... that this post will rule the school

For my first post of the year, I'm breaking it down for you Mulder style.
I have been toiling over my top 25 Favorite X-Files Episodes - and I'm happy to report that my 25 are written down and ready to be posted.
However, the reader should know: I am only posting numbers 25-11 now - and my top ten (although already chosen) will come along later with detailed descriptions as to WHY they are in the coveted top ten spots.

One more thing needs to be stated: these top spots are my favorites. I'm sure in your heart of hearts there are better ones and you will want to sing your own x-files song, and you should, but don't defile mine.

Without further ado, allow me to present this list:

Top X-Files:::: Alien chasing, monster racing, crime fighting team:::: ((according to me))

25. Ice (1x07 - Glen Morgan and James Wong)
This episode is excellent for many reasons, mind altering parasites, deep deep cold and sassy smarties all locked up together - however, my tip top reason for choosing this to start out my list is: this was the first major show of apparent walking out on a limb trust between these two wonderful agents. Scully trusted Mulder and a beautiful relationship ensued.

24. Hollywood AD (7x19 - David Duchovny)
An X-file within a movie within an X-file -- pretty clever, David, pretty clever. Favorite scenes include Garry Shanding asking Fox Mulder "which way he dresses in the morning", Scully telling Mulder they have the Bureau credit card for a night of Hollywood fun, and of course, the zombies....

23. Humbug (2x20 - Darin Morgan)
Freaks, geeks and a pretty red head eating a cricket - I love the side show aspect and how theirs is the normal among their own. I mean, the dog faced boy is the sheriff - really.

22. Kill Switch (5x11 - William Gibson and Tom Maddox)
Oh man - this episode made me all kinds of crazy when I first saw it. It's creepy and disturbing, but oh so good - complete with sexy nurses and a kick ass Scully. Oh, the detailed touches with Twilight Time add that extra ounce of thoughtfulness that X-File lovers come to expect.

21. Our Town (2x24 - Frank Spotnitz)
I'm a sucker for conspiracies and people abusing their power story lines (duh!??!), and these items about 'big food' (so to speak) is right up my alley. Puh-leaz. Voo-Doo always strengthens a story line, too.

20. Kaddish (4x15 - Howard Gordan)
Maybe deep down, really far deep down, I'm a gushy romantic laced with a tad bit of wacky. But I think it's sweet Arielle would craft a golem just to wear the wedding ring her daddy made in a concentration camp. Call me a weird-o

19. Irresistible (2x13 - Chris Carter) and Orison (7x07 - Chip Johannesson)
Donny Pfaster is a scary son of a bitch. I mean, scary. Besides that, I love when a television series can have on-going story lines, but the episodes they appear in can be strong enough to gravitate alone. This two-fer does just that. (Actually, most X-Files do just that, but I just love this one) Not to mention, every minute of Orison, from start to finish just creeps me the hell out. And X-Files should be about creepy, at least most of the time.

18. Signs and Wonders (7x09 - Jeffrey Bell)
Structured religion, even if that structure is a little insane, can be a serious tool for destruction - this episodes shows both sides and definitely leads one astray with the ever lasting question "who done it". Plus, giving birth to snakes???? SICK

17. Monday (6x14 - Vince Gilligan and John Shiban)
This very taxing take on Groundhog's Day allows the viewer to ponder between fate and predestined actions. It's good. A good food for the brain - also, Pam played by Carrie Hamilton, makes me believe she has suffered and suffered and suffered the same day for too many to count. She's an amazing actress.

16. Millennium (7x04 - Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz)
Probably the best of the best of this episode gets lost with the KISS. BUT OH MY GOD, THAT KISS MAKES ME TINGLE EVERYWHERE.... Moving on - apocalypse theories are strong and i'm sure Millennium fans were happy to have closure.

15. Paper Hearts (4x10 - Vince Gilligan)
Mulder shows weakness here, in the middle of this epi - i like that, but what i like better is his ability to get back on track. Tom Noonan is a good villian, his blank stares and the whole killing little girls, those things can get ya' big creeper points. Noteworthy moment, when Mulder swishes a jump shot (what a stud).

14. All Souls (5x17 - story by Dan Angel,Billy Brown teleplay by Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban)
I do have a weakness for the religious episodes. I love the way the church can flip flop the two agents' point of views, I love, as in Signs and Wonders and also Revelations, that the people who one would think committed these treacheries are most definitely not the people who did. Call me predictable, but i like what i like.

13. Unruhe (4x04- Vince Gilligan)
Mulder is so smooth under pressure. He saves Scully so many times, but yet, my heart never tires. Scully is impressive in this one - I have seen this episode so many times, and re-learning that Scully is nearly fluent in German still makes me wanna go gay for her. She's so deep and round as a character. This show, and this episode, never let's a person down.

12. First Person Shooter (7x13 - William Gibson and Tom Maddox)
Sometimes when I watch an x-file, I just wanna revel in their relationship. I love it. I love to have fun with these two and jump up and down when they succeed. Seeing Scully destroy that vixen let's me know that it's not always about beauty, it's about beauty and who has the biggest guns.

11. Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip (2x25, 3x01, 3x02 - Chris Carter and David Duchovny)
I don't have many cut and dry mythology arch episodes, but this one (a combination of three) blows my mind. Blows it clear out of this earthly sphere. Native American folklore, extra terrestrial conspiracies, government denies knowledge - this is what makes a great x-file. So early in the series, Chris Carter is laying it all on the table- blowing through the stops and making us fall in love with even the most despicable of cigarette smoking villains.

10-1 coming soon. don't lose hope.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

prepare ye the way of my lists.

i'm just letting everyone know --

i'm starting my lists.

i actually started one last week. and this year, i've changed.
here's a self portrait.