Sunday, December 14, 2008

top ten ladies in red of 2008 (because of or not because of their red dresses)

There is no question about lovely ladies. Lovely ladies set all types of hearts a flutter, mine, for example. And also, one other thing that seems to be having a big year, besides all these maidens, is the color red. Talk about the color of ages: it made a big appearance at the oscars - big like the paparazzi! It was there, it was here.. this year, it was everywhere... and i couldn't help to take notice...


10. RED HOT HAYDEN PANETTIERE. Okay, okay -- she may be the sweet, cheerleading type who loves to try to save the world in her NBC series, Heroes, but here -- she's red hot, sexy and fierce! This year, she not only tried to save humanity, but in real life, escaped a close call with Japanese fisherboaters trying to save the whales... also, didn't she have a steamy romance with Milo?

9. Scarlett Jo. Big year for this little lass - she became a blushing bride to ryan reynolds, released an album and had a steamy movie: The Other Boelyn Girl. She's always gorgeous. ((i'm pretty sure this pic isn't from 2008, but hey, her name is a shade of red.. that goes for any year.))

8. Natalie Portman. This sassy little activist also looks stunning in this shade of red... Hot enough to get on my very elite list. This missy starred opposite of Scarlett jo in that sexy flick, Other Boelyn Girl, and had a short romance with every one's favorite Devandra. She didn't make the list strictly because of her (pseudo) red dress, as one can imagine... but because of that big booming heart of hers.

7. Taylor Swift. She might be one of this years biggest "who would have thoughts". I love this little peach - shining with youth and sassiness, Taylor looks stunning where ever she is and even writes her own songs. She's tall, she plays a bright guitar and she's everybody's crush to have this year. The text break up with one of the fugly Jonas' brothers tops off her witty character with her come backs and slights on camera...

6.Miley Cyrus 5.Helen Mirren 4.Katherine Heigl. ((3. See below - too hot to be a clump comment))
These ladies, on the red carpet at Hollywood's biggest bash, stunning in their red, red, red as the world dresses. Miley isn't my favorite person, but anyone who can get all of Disney to close down for a 16th birthday party, take risky photos at 15 and have the best of both worlds should at least be considered - esp with that pouty lip.
Helen is just hot hot hot - beauty knows no age and Helen sure parades that around! Taking a break this year from the big bang news world, she's just showing off.
Katherine Heigl happens to be, in my opinion, one classy broad. Taking control of her own destiny by being the bitchy actress who demands the writers of grey's to do this and then slaps them in the face for it -- who doesn't love that drama!? Esp doing in that wonderful way she does. Dissing an emmy and coming off the heels of Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl might be leaving greys to show the world that she's not just some crazy ass fiance killing doctor. She an actress, damn it.. and killing it in RED.

3. Heidi Klum. This Victoria's Secret model turned awesome is one of my favorite women right now. Project Runway is a hit, being more awesome and more severe than ever- i decided to include a bigger picture of this Dior dress that she wore - and might i add, wore it for a good cause.. i don't know what that good cause was, because i was too busy looking at her to listen.

2. Suri Cruise. Look at this baby. She's one hell of an icon -- being shoved in front of the papp every chance TomKat gets - she has to look sassy and sweet. I do believe she deserves number two -- she's destined for fame-dom! Little tiny Suri Cruise, i've watched her grow up... how sad. and awesome.

1. Hillary (I'm no robot and i'm so awesome) Clinton. The poster woman for blue slips on one of those ass kicking suits in RED to go to the state of the union address. WHO DOES THAT? the same bitch who almost, could have been, maybe should've been president of the united states of america. Hillary Clinton puts all these other ladies to shame (save maybe Suri) in one form or another.. and that is why she's my top pick lady in red for 2008.

**please note, some of these pics may not be from 2008- but i don't give a care**


  1. Suri is too old for that bottle IMHO. Get her a nalgene if you're a real parent...Joey.

  2. Things are getting seriously sassy up in here! whoah, I had to wipe the steam off my glasses after reading this. Erica you ought to be writing for US magazine. Talk about dishin' the hot gossip.

  3. I found the following on a very reputable site by the HeartCore Corporation:

    "Red is the color of passion and of anger. It can also represent energized action, an adventuresome spirit or major excitement over something that is happening or about to happen in your life."

    The page is about mood rings, but I think the sentiment still applies. So gang, in light of that scientific data, what theorems can we produce as to why these lovely ladies chose to make red such a popular color in '08? Passion? Anger? Adventure? Major excitement?

  4. Man, it almost feels like it could be any combo of those, jonny! What about a Passion/Adventure Action or an Anger/Major Excitement Happening? The Color Red seems almost limitless within the confines of these four categories!

  5. Maybe red means blood, like in the american flag.


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