Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top things learned in 2008 while compiling my previous post

(In incorrect outline format)

A. After five Air Bud movies with great dog/sport pun names, the Buddies were introduced in 2006's Air Buddies.
  1. They returned for this year's Snow Buddies.
  2. Which appears to star one or more dogs from Snow Dogs (or just a generic sled dog).
B. The production company Keystone Entertainment (*responsible for such classics as MVP: Most Valuable Primate, MVP2: Most Vertical Primate, and MXP: Most Xtreme Primate) has made great sacrifices to continue this landmark series, (*dubbed "this generation's Lassie") as *15 of the 30 puppies on the Snow Buddies set in Vancouver fell ill, and two had to be euthanized. After next year's Space Buddies, *watch for Santa Buddies, coming in 2010.

C. Names of the Buddies all incorporate the word "bud," except for B-DAWG, whose "B" may possibly also stand for "Bud."
  1. B-DAWG
D. The Russian astronaut-dog who co-stars in Space Buddies (see his quote in previous post) is a Bull Terrier named SPUDNIK.
  1. This name seems to be inspired by Budweiser's SPUDS McKENZIE
  2. (and Sputnik).
  • SPUDS McKENZIE'S real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye.
  • SPUDS McKENZIE was actually a female.
*these items should probably have been separated into numbered entries, but they sounded better in a paragraph


  1. This is a lot of essential information, most of which I didn't know! I can't believe they killed those dogs! can they do that? Is the human society not working in alaska? Aaron?

    Also I love mudbud. And b-dawg.

    And santa dogs. and everything about this in general.

  2. Doing some quick research of my own, I found this helpful summary of the Airbud Legacy:

    From iwatchstuff.com:

    'Space Buddies' Takes Air Bud to Next Level (Space)

    As a bit of an Air Bud scholar, let me catch everyone up: since the original Air Bud, everyone's favorite basketball-playing dog has learned he also has the ability to play at least four other sports at the level of a pro athlete (often actually playing in professional leagues, because no one thought to make rules against non-human players), stopped a jewel heist, and spawned a littler of equally-athletic puppies. In the current Bud chronology, the offspring have aged to adulthood, decided to each specialize in one sport, and have been kidnapped by crooks and their trained raccoon (Air himself would later liberate his scions).

    But prior to that unfortunate but ultimately failed kidnapping, the puppies had an interesting adolescence: apparently, as this trailer for Space Buddies tells it, they were astronauts at one point, and walked on the moon, and could talk, because who else would you want exploring space but our nation's greatest athletic, partially-sentient dogs?

    My favorite part is how the one dog still wears the football under-eye makeup. The Bud family will always be athletes first, astronauts second (probably dogs third).

  3. This makes me thing we need to be examining this much more closely. And also watching perennial favorite, "Dunstan Checks In."

  4. I think you made the right call. The outline format works much better for this type of information.

    Also BBz, what about "Baby Geniuses"? Is anyone aware of further franchise spinoffs after the dramarific first two film installments?!!??


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