Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Prime Misters that I Thought about Just Now for Making this List

I was going to do top prime ministers masters, but then I rememblederedoned that misters are way better. These are bicyclelly just the best misters that continued being tops in '08. These are real men. They are best friends, fathers, husbands, and wise mentors. The best guys in one book, so to speak. So here you go:

A powerful contest.

A battle of great winners.

A fight to the limit.

A limit without ends.

A Challenge to meet the needs.

Best misters '08.

7. Mr. Doug Jave

6. Mr. Bhabotosh Das

5. Mr Stripes

4. Mr. Robin Williams

3. Mr. Tommy Seebach

2. Mr. Jay Johnstone

1. Mr. Gary Daniels

Turns out those are the only fourteen gents I can think of. What a lame past, huh? Well, you can make it better! Since Paco gave everyone men's privates, just come on in and edit my navel! Add your own mister misty or two. Let's make this the longest mister list, yetis!


  1. Jim, sweet list! I was thinking about a particpatory list like this myself.

    I added my favourite Mr. - Mr. Stripes

  2. I agree that participatory list remixes are the best. Who knew that saniel bonders himself would be pushing the limits of interface technology and theory. I have made some additional changes to your beginning. hopefully this list will eventually be endless as well as virtually unintelligible!

  3. we should probably start a whole other blog eventually where its just one post that is slightly altered forever!


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