Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Random Thoughts and non required guidelines for lists.

Hey there, this started as a seperate post and then it was going to be a comment on jim's last post and then it went back to being a seperate post. crazy huh?

1. Thanks jim for breaking the "funny" lists ice with a "serious" list. I hope everyone realizes that both are wanted and accepted, especially now as the end of the year is prime awesome list time. I was going to put up a post suggesting that Best Album/song/movie and similar lists be posted by this coming thursday so as to give them a little list affirmative action boost and so that our blog could beat at least some of the other lists so we don't look like list copying ponies. However now that Jim has posted one, I hope others don't feel intimidated following suit at their leisure. And also the deadline is totally fake so just do whatever you want.

2. When you post said lists please try to follow my previous comment and include a little chatter about things, such as why you liked it or something, or some info if its someone you think most of us haven't heard of, or its got something interesting about it. You don't have to write about each item but at least some.

3. I know it can be a hassle adding lots of pictures or you may not know how, but if possible please add pics like jim did. good job jim. you did it. And If you wanna get really crazy jonny style and hyperlink it out then go for it. If not okay too.

4. Again not a requirement, but it will be more fun if people are commenting and attempting to engage the lists and thier listifiers. Don't you think so? I do. This may be difficult with the "silly" lists, but should be easier with the "serious" ones, especially the movie and music ones. I'm not talking about writing full length articles or thesis, but I am talking about more than "nice list bro, I'm outta here" or " " (that means no comment, haha I'm so clever!). But also no pressure.

5. When commenting on "zany" lists pretty much everything goes, but on "serious" lists let's try to be mildly civil and friendly like. That way people don't feel intimidated or lame. This doesn't mean no fighting or arguing, it just means no comments like "fleet foxxxs suk, faggott! Korn 4eva!" I think this is pretty self explanatory, even for those of us with poor awareness of social mores. (not that we have had a problem with this yet. jes' sayin')

Other thoughts or suggestions? Commentify!


  1. ps. can you believe it! cones, rods, and conads all got a three way tie??? wow!

  2. i believe it. would you seriously pick cones over rods, for example?

  3. nice log picture. was that you favorite logging pic of 2008? 2007? 2003? please clarify.

  4. It is actually only my second favorite picture of huge logs of our fav. time period, "times past."

    And anna, agreed, but what about labels? and also why haven't you accepted the invitation to the blog yet.

  5. wait. anna.
    rods? really?

    you are a sicko.

  6. also, i wanted to ask about this list. is this a serious list or a silly list. and i'm not sure i can "engage" the lister. i'm scared about that.

  7. This is the most serious list of all time. So serious that I didn't even call it a list, I called it "guidelines" code for important list. As for Hans, you are the real fajet.


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