Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Welcome to Here.

I typed this earlier but then the internet went out and then we had to drive back from chicago, by which time some people had already posted some stuff. So good job posting and this is the official late welcome to the blog.


...And welcome to here!

This blog is all your list dreams come true. Plus Check out that saber courtesy of member Sharon Peters!

Also, Additionally, we are going to be posting a lot of our lists here and I think you know what I mean, too.

Wow, 2008 was another great year. It is well worth a review, One of the top years in recent times in fact, look here:

Top 8 Years Between 1708 and 2008:

8. 1842: Just a common year. Also Dick King rides into a British military base in Grahamstown to warn that the Boers have besieged Durban

7. 1982: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers the musical opens on broadway!

6. 1969: San Diego Padres Formed. Denton Cooley Implants the First Artificial Heart! Thank you C. Arnholt Smith!

5. 1788: Sacagawea Born. Honorable Mention goes to 2000 when you finally got your first coin.

4. 1991: John Gloag writes "A Complete Dictionary of Furniture" Letting us clearly define the "Tambour Desk"

3. 1865: Battle of Appomattox. Thank you Robert E. Lee!!!

2. 2008: Invention of this blog. Death of Dith Pran.

.......and.........the top one is.......

1. 1987: Dippin Dots Invented. Thank you Curt Jones!!!!

Great to meet you! What about your own lists. Please don't copy this style, Please put the title of your list in the title of the blog entry (Just like jon did). GOtta keep it organized for proper list finding. This one was just the greeting.

see you soon!

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