Friday, December 19, 2008

top 4 reasons not to use steroids in 2008

This diagram highlights a lot of the malformations that using anabolic steroids can cause. This is why, neither in 2008 or any other year of my life, i will ever use steroids to get ahead in life. I thought about it once, but when i started doing research, i came up with my top four reasons to stay away from the stuff.

4. An Accidental Muscle over load

sure, this probably isn't real. but it could be. and i have the type of personality where i just don't know when to say when... so i'm sure i'd end up looking like this.

3. Itty Bitty Boobies

Sick, right? Besides the lack of breasts, this lady doesn't even look like a lady. Plus, i hear once you get really strong and muscle ridden, you can't wear normal bikinis. i like normal bikinis.

2. Acne Attacks.

This is sick to me. This would cause anyone to think twice. Severe acne, in my opinion, is a hidden risk or anabolic steroid usage - up until my research, i never heard of this being a pitfall.

1. Bread butt.

I do not want my ass looking like a loaf of bread.


  1. I kind of wish I knew someone with bread butt.

    ...Is that wrong?

  2. no. it's natural to want to know someone with this butt.

  3. This post kind of makes me sick, but it's really important to know, like when I saw the STD pictures at the McMillen Center.

  4. yeah, i know. knowledge (esp in pic form) is the best prevention. that's what i always say.

  5. oh man, I can't wait till this is not longer on the front page of the blog. That bloody zits one is soooooo gross but also the kind of gross that I keep wanting to look at for some reason. sickest list of 2008: This one. But good looking out though.


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