Monday, December 29, 2008

taco bell fourth meal list of 12/27

Sometimes, you are hanging out. and then, those times, you might get hungry. and when it is so late, there's only one solution to the problem.

Below is the list i found in my purse -- the order for really late on saturday or really early on sunday.. depending on who you are!

4 Crunch wrap supremes (one w/out tomatoes)

beef and potato burrito without the beef but with beans

1 supreme chalupa

1 double beef burrito (the 89c one)

2 soft tacos w/out lettuce

1 cinnamon twist

2 cheesy bean and rice burritos

mild sauce


  1. cheesy double beef burrito for 89c is mighty fine :)

  2. Back when the life I lived was happy, I would have the fourth meal with friends. Thanks for the memories!
    The beef and potato burrito without the beef but with beans blows my mind. I want it bad.

  3. dear hans
    please accept my invitation to come up to the fort wayne and eat fourth meal with me and mine on a day that is not yet known.
    i WILL not take no for an answer.

    erica *

  4. Dear Erica,

    You're very nice person. I will not dare say no, since you will not take it.

    Very much looking forward here to day not yet known,



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