Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Top Ten Coolest People Named Dean via Google Image Search

I decided to look up the name Dean on google image search and compile a list of the coolest deans i saw. for the record. Dean had to be the first name. (sorry james dean)

also some people didn't make it... like Dean Cane. and Dean Martin. maybe next year guys.

10. Dean Marquardt

Dean played center for the detroit pistons in the eighties.

9. Dean Bennett

Dean writes childrens books like: Finding a Friend in the Forest, Everybody Needs a Hideaway, and The Late Loon.

8. Dean Fantazzini

Dean works as an assistant professor at the Moscow School of Economics.
He enjoys Travelling, reading and cooking, Jogging, swimming, skiing and basketball.

7. Dean Catalano

Dean Catalano is Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management Private Client Group. He also enjoys paddle tennis, hiking, beach activities, and volunteering for several non-profit organizations.

6. Dean Lusher

Dean Lusher is a research fellow interested in the application of statistical models for social networks. His work currently focuses on the inclusion of perceived beliefs as a measure of culture within social networks and the effects they have in conjunction with personally held beliefs on social tie formation.
He likes to research :
  • Men & masculinities
  • Bullying

He's also got that "cool guy" look to him

5. Dean Jansen

Don't be fooled by that sharp, playful, green background, Dean Jansen is a serious guy. He's the Outreach Director for the Participatory Culture Foundation, which develops a free and open source internet TV app called Miro.

4. Dean Stewart

His website lists him as a "First Class One Man Party Act with guitar and sax plus duo"
all i know is he looks fine.

3. Dean Jones

"Dean Jones has a background in psychology, music and IT – but what he really loves to do is draw."- from his website. He also lives in australia!

2. Dean Madonia

Dean plays piano and guitar, and sings too! He's even opened up for Steve Vai!

1. Dean Keith Simonton

Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Psychology
University of California

Dean is a badass. that is why he has gained control of the number 1 spot on the dean's list . He hitchhiked route 66 back in the 60's. He was on his high school drama teen. He biked across Europe. He's been on the anderson cooper show. He's got articles printed in Time magazine. and what the hell... he just looks like a badass.

Hope you enjoyed the Top Ten Coolest People Named Dean Via Google Image Search.


  1. Did anyone else pick up on the eerie similiarities between Dean Fantazzini (#8)and Fort Wayne's own Dean Pantazi?

  2. you forgot dean-bear!!!
    as in "houston, we have a dean-bear."

  3. Fantazzini's 'stache makes me giggle.
    he also looks like that dumb baby - orlando bloom.

  4. Fantazzini reminds me of this guy:


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