Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't do me like that.

Hey, chumps - champion of all the chumpions. I'm not ready for my topsies music list, because let's face it, I probably won't do one... But, I wanted to let you in on my favorite videos I watched this year. BORING, but whatevers. Some of them are old, some of them are all, but all of them rule the M Fing roost.

Supernatural GAG REELS:
This one might not cause you to get the vapors like it does me, but any Supernatural Gag Reels make me laugh and laugh and laugh. Totes on this list because, let's face it, hot boys being funny is a wonderful, wonderful thing. 

Life just isn't complete with an auto-tuned version of someone being absolutely crazy. Where would we be with out this niche in our society? Thanks, auto-tune remix people. I will always love you. (RIP Whitney Houston)
Lou Gehrig's Speech:
The problem here is, holy shit, you know? I watched this video for the first time this year on a particularly bad day in my library cubicle and cried and cried and cried. One of the most notable moments in the latter part of my year, hearing these words: "I may have been given a bad break, but I've got an awful lot to live for." Thanks, Lou. Seriously.
Don't you feel like you know this kid? Know exactly how he is IRL? He's a handful, but a damn cute one. And watching this video made me almost pee my pants everytime. So, kudos, Matt on breaking your arm.
Yeah, this dude is nuts. Too bad for him he broke his arm playing hockey but good job dad for filming this gem of a recovery. THis video is long, yes, it's long, but don't let that discourage you from watching the whole thing. It's amazing. My favorite part: "I think I'm coming back to my normal self".  Spoiler Alert: He wasn't.!
Unfortunately for my sanity, I watched a lot of innocent kid vids coming out of anesthesia. That probably makes me totally weird and crazy. But F that, yo. Especially because I ran across this girl. Probably the best thing ever.
Guys, celebs are just like us! They get scared and look crazy doing it. Good thing for us Ellen loves to prank the shit out of people. Love this video.
The one video that can snap me out of a terrible mood. My friend Brett introduced me to Johnny. The shortest video of all time (not really, but kind of), but the best video of all time. I can sometimes watch this video 80 times in one week. Im going to go ahead and vote this best video of 2012.

There you have it - love you like a sister.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top Other Trax '12

Here's some other great hits that weren't a part of my top albums list.

JJ Doom - Wash Your Hands

This album (collaboration between Doom and Jneiro Jarel) was just okay, but this song rules.

  Also this album is great because it introduced me to Jneiro Jarel, and he's the best (this is old, but whatever):

Emeralds - Just to Feel Anything 

I thought Emeralds' latest was a bit of a step down, but it still had some great songs, the best of which is this one. Also, this totally sounds like Metavari. 


Outer Space - October 27th, 1989 - Bay Village, Ohio  

John Elliott's new album as Outer Space is as good as ever. Actually, I'm not sure why it's not on my albums list. Oops! The synth in this song is hard-hitting and "badass."  

White Rainbow - Racked up Spatter Clock
This guy is super versatile, releasing material ranging from smooth ambient to serious beats. This track is somewhere in between. 

Lotus Plaza - Eveningness
I think this guy is in Deerhunter, and this basically sounds like that. It's good.

Beach House - Myth
 I felt this album to be a little overrated, but it's still good. I love this song.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Like a Sundae
Hey, this is good too. 


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top Fo'iy Nigh!

Well, while others listed only top 1 or 10 or 15, I in my usual excess, made 49. Why 49? Well cause after I made the list I realized that one of the albums was from 2011, and that can never be accepted! Accursed past! So, it's split up into top 26-49, then 25-15, then 14-6, then Top 5. Truly insane i know. Inside there its mostly alphabetic order cause I'm lazy and also, really, in realityland, who can do such a feat! That's just not real life! Description wise we'll see what happens, i may just highlight some hotties or whatevs. I'm aware that I missed many awesome albums from this year, which are thus not included in this list. That's why i like these lists so i can see what i missed and check it out. Maybe you can get some o' that from my list too!

Wet your chops to these traczzz:

Top 26-49 (in alphabetical order)

These are all great but were they great enough? NOPE cuz they don't makes its top 25ers!! BUt seryiously they are grat and you should listen!

Actress - R.I.P. not as good as last year, even though i seem to be the only person to think that.

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz kinda disappointing but not terrible

Bitchin Bajas - Vibraquatic This band and album seems like it was made by Aaron Senter

Beach House - Bloom mostly the song Myth, also i've never paid attention to beach house. are they good?

Charlatan Meets The North Sea - S/T

Chrome Wings / Ladyshapes Split 

Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson - Stones (wow! double sax double fax, although I kinda feel like a tool that both of my jazz related releases involve Mats Gustafsson)

Ectoplasm & DenMother - 416

Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca Oh No is always better with others than by himself

Hell Maf / Daz-Ini - Hell Maf Remix Daz-Ini: Pour Encore Plus de Ma French Rap!

Inspired School Of Astral Music - Celestrial Stairway 

Jahiliyya Fields - Unicursal Hexagram

The Jazz Jousters - Some Other Time Bill Evans remixed to instrumental hip-hop, great but could have been bette.

Jeary! - Jeary For Dolo!

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Visiting This World

Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, m.A.A.d City not as good as everyone says but still good

Lambchop - Mr. M I've always ignored lambchop but suddenly didn't and then this album was really great and exactly what i needed at the first moment i heard it.

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - My Hand Holding a Still Photograph of the Same Scene better than the band name might suggest

Mark Bradley - Offerings

Mondo Lava/Eternal Tapestry

Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio on paper it was a dream but then at first i wasn't into it but then later i was quite a bit and still am.

Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan & Jeff Witscher - Barb

Spectral Being - Ritualistic Burning

Sylvia Monnier - Never More Camellias

Top 25-15 (Also In Alphabetical Order)

Hey now, almost there to the top. things are getting serious, hot and heavy in here and who knows how this will all end up. don't kowtow!

Captain Murphy - Duality (Self-Released)

Flying Lotus's free stoner (think Madliby/MF Doomish) rap mixtape. Just released so almost didn't make the list but its just that good. Everything FlyLo does is a golden hen which should be caressed. And its free!

Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes (Warp)

As I was saying earlier about Golden Hen's, This is also a golden hen. Flying Lotus is great always and forever!

Former Selves - Limits (Rotifer) /Many Moons (Hooker Vision)

Just found Former Selves this year. Lots of great stuff. Here are two of them. Mostly quiet ambient.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)

Ol Godspeed back in the stable eh? I was worried this would suck bad but its not only great but great!  It still sounds like Godspeed but it also doesn't sound outdated. It sounds very current in the experimentally droney scene in many ways but not in like a "hey we're old guys trying to get in on the trends" way but just a "hey we know how to make good music" way.

Holy Other - Held (Tri Angle)

This was a last minute find. sweet dance jams from a fine label. honestly haven't listened to it enough but its great. check it!

How To Dress Well - Total Loss (Acephale)

Now I love lo-fi stuff and do not think that when a lo-fi artists loses the lo-fi they are "maturing". In fact I thought that I wouldn't like this and just figured I would be a one album how to dress well fan. But geez this is still good! Quite very good infact!

Lindstrøm - Smalhans (Smalltown Supersound)

If you like dance music at all your probably know who Lindstrøm is. Well this is him being him. Nothing spectacular or insane about this release, just a very good Lindstrøm album. I guess he is a reliable guy this guy. good alb.

Nova Scotian Arms - Cult Spectrum (Digitalis)

Great droney boneys from steady releasing steed.

Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)

Reading descriptions of this I thought this would not be my thing at all. It sounds like its very industrial and darkly industrial at that. But i love it all the way through. Very surprised. Perhaps you might feel the same?

Seth Martin and the Menders - Putting the Sky to Sleep (Self-Released)

An excellent album of gentleman's folk from a good friend made in Korea. Listened to it many times and it gets better with the more listens. Available as a name your price download on bandcamp. go get it!

Sundrips - Dream Studies (Koppklys)

Sundrips put out great blissful slightly noisy drone/ambient all the time with mostly high success. this is true here too as this another great album by themsters, despite the terrible cover art.

Top 14-6 (Also In Alphabetical Order)

Now this is where its at! WOW! what a grat plac to hain out! If you don't know these gemjams then you are missing the boatride! or maybe you took the wrong boat to somewhere dumb...If you ignored everything else i said, don't ignore me now! please don't ignore me guys! hey guys!

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems (Modern Love)

Definitely Top 14 material. Dance music which is not very dancy and if described would almost sound like something industrial but i swear its not. Experimental dance music...uh It's good you guys, just check it out

Emeralds - Just To Feel Anything (Editions Mego)

You know these guys, still at it, still doing right by the lord of jams. Probably should have put this in the Top 5.

Guenter Schlienz - Tape Studies (SicSic)

Hey Hey. Another new fella for me. I knew I would love this from the getty up. Put a PCB on the cover of a tape and call it tape studies and I'm sold. And its great. Definitely top ten material.

Inner Tube - S/T (Pacific City Sound Visions)

Check out that cover. Yessss. The music pretty much sounds like that looks. Super Good Collab between emeralds Mark McGuire and Spencer Clark/James Ferraro Pal Charles Berlitz.

very good. possibly belongs in the top 5.

Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (Williams Street)

Way way back when I only know about Killer Mike as a guest rapper on Outkast stuff i was kinda like, "who is this guy?" and not necessarily in a good way. But slowly the fellow came into his own and started tearing it up. This is his best album yet, and I feel like he's only just going to keep getting better. Definitely my top Hip-Hop album of the year.

Oliwa - Rituals (Zeon Light)

This was a totally random bandcamp find for me and it turns out these buenos aires synth jams are one of my top albums of the year. very good. get in on it. A name your price download from band camp or a tape from Zeon Light (actually all Zeon releases appear to be name your price band camp downloads)

Panabrite - The Baroque Atrium (Preservation)

Panabrite is another reliable force for good. A go to for all your nostalgic synth needs. He had several this year but i think this is tops.

Sand Circles - Motor City (Not Not Fun)

When I first started getting into the world of lo-fi psych/drone cassettes etc... Not Not Fun was my go to. I thought they were untouchable. Later I decided that they were actually sort of hit or miss and that there are plenty of other labels i like better. However that doesn't mean that the label sucks or can't put out the goods. Here is clearly the case. one of best albums of the year. a sort of fake soundtrack to a post apocalyptic wasteland detroit or something. tops.

Suaves Figures - Nouveaux Gymnastes (Sangoplasmo)

A great album of gentle synth jams. First time to hear of Suaves Figures. I'm not sure if its meant to be a synth update to Erik Satie but the name and tone makes one feel as such. I could probably look it up but i'm not going to. Top 10 to be sure!

Top 5-1 (In pretty much order of ranking, probably)

OMG it just keeps getting more intense and battle hardened. Are you ready for theseeses!

Lunar Miasma - Impermanent Nature (SicSic)

Another all hands on the golden hen deck person, pretty much everything Greek Synth jammer Lunar Miasma puts out can be trusted to be either totally great or down right awesome. There were several releases I could have put here but i chose this one.  The third track, Insight (Gone II) is one of my favorite tracks of the year.

잠비나이 (Jambinai) - 차연 (Differance) (GMC Records)

Another Top fiver. Jambinai are a sweet Korean experimental band. They play sort of doomy drone with lots of korean traditional instruments. Sometimes there is a metal influence as a result of the main dude's previous bands having been that sort of thing. Awesome 1st full length release by great newish band who hopefully will go on to destroy the earth. Totally good news. If you can't find this and would like a taste, let me know.

Duane Pitre - Monolithic Youth (Sonic Meditations)

Duane Pitre used to be a pro skater and then i think he was in some bands or something. Now he makes full on blisstimes drones. He is an unsung hero of the drone, whom I feel no one is ever talking about but should be. You love it. This is awesome. As is everything he does. In the Top 3!

Daphni - Jiaolong (Jiaolong)

Oh Dan from Caribou/Manitoba! You also are a golden hen! Daphni is he going straight on techno with great results, possibly my #2 Album of 2012!

Fire! with Oren Ambarchi - In The Mouth A Hand (Rune Grammofon)

YES! Fire! is Scandanavian Free Jazz legend/stalwart Mats Gustafsson and two other apparently sweet dudes. Also sweet Guitarist Oren Ambarchi comes along for the ride. They've been around for a bit but although I listen to lots of Mats Gustafsson related stuff, I somehow missed this group. This is probably my top album of the year. Soooooooooo Gooooooood. If you like heavy psychy jamouts and were like "hey maybe i should like some free jazz but I don't know", then you should get in on this real fast real bad. You need to give it time and immerse in it. At first I tried listening to it very quickly and was like meh, but later it nailed me hard!

And the rest is history! Let the history books behold!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tops Dobs

Here are some tops for 2012:  

Top Album

Perfume Genius  - "Put Your Back N 2 It"

Good dude singing and playing the piano. Shout-out to Andy-Brother for telling me about this one. Bowerbirds "The Clearing" was a close 2nd.

Top New Chip

Doritos JACKED - Smoky Chipotle BBQ

A delicious new kind of Doritos. These are like the Red Lobster of seasoned tortilla chips, get me? They are super crunchy and super JACKED. Be careful though and don't get too jacked.  

Top New 2nd Favorite Disc Golfer

Ricky Wysocki - Fort Mill, SC

Do you guys agree? This kid is so good. I'm pretty sure he has a kind heart too. He can drive, putt, and hyzer ALL DAY! Let's see if he can move ahead of Dave Feldberg in 2013. Check out this really normal park job video:

 Top Old Song

"Electric Avenue" - Eddy Grant

Na doi. 87 plays in 2012. Yikes.

Top Dining Experience

Red Lobster - 4/12/12

I had shrimp, biscuits, wine, scampi, linguini, and etc...get me? Here are a few pics from the experience:

Nom nom.

It was a good year. Cheers!


Chris Kringle's 13 Pringle Finger Picks

Soo i sat down to make my list and realized i only listened to about 7 new albums this year. shame shame on me. So my list is new-ish albums that I've been listening to this year… deal with it. Also, after I made this list i realized that 10 out of my 13 albums are from Nashville. So I'm probably pretty biased on this shit. 

1. Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now 
Sure, this album came out in 2010. So what! I bought it at the beginning of the year and fell in love with it. Caitlin has an AMAZING voice and her songwriting is some of the best i've seen in Nashville. If you like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Fleetwood Mac, etc… you will love her. 

2. Diamond Rugs - S/T
This album has had a special place in my heart since the first time I heard it. John is such a talented songwriter, and he assembled the most awesome bandmates in the world. blah blah blah so many songs about drinking drugs and rock and roll. Its the best

3. Derek Hoke - Waiting All Night
This album is so smooth… its something your parents would like, but you would like it too. Hard to describe though.

4. Jonny Corndawg - Down on the Bikini Line
One of my most listened to albums this year. My favorite album to drive to. 

5. Natural Child - S/T 7" / For the Love of the Game
only 4 songs on the 7", but they are some of the catchiest punk/rocknroll songs ever. 
and then on For The Love of the Game they get super Stoner Rock/ Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed" - ish.

6. Deer Tick - Divine Providence
My least favorite Deer Tick album so far, but it still has some amazing songs on it.

7. Tristen - Charlatans at the garden gate
This girl is super catchy and talented!

8. JEFF the Brotherhood
This album was the theme to my entire summer. 

9. Kendrick Lamar
Don't normally listen to Hip-Hop but I really enjoyed this album, especially "Bitch, Don't kill my vibe"

10. Beach House
Sounds like Beach House, not as good as the last album, IMHO. LOL

11. Steelism
only a 7" out right now, but its super good. Country Funk!

12. Nikki Lane
One of the first shows I saw when i moved to Nashville was Nikki Lane's release party. She had the Alabama Shakes open up for her! 

13. Lee Miles
This album is pretty good. I need to listen to it more though... 

If I could put reissues on here I would, but i thought it might be pushing it….
Rodriguez - Cold Fact
Lee Hazelwood - LHI years
Country Funk

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beast Al Beams '12

Well, here they are. Can I be honest with you? I feel like I barely scratched the surface this year. Still some great gets though. In lieu of boring descriptions by me, I've got clips of all the albs, so you can see for yourself.

15. Fennesz - AUN

14. Windy & Carl - We Will Always Be

13. Sigur Ros - Valtari

12. Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - Vanity Fair

11. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - Instrumental Tourist

10. EN & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Blood

9. Steve Hauschildt - Sequiter

8. Inner Tube - S/T

7. Daughn Gibson - All Hell

6. Zammuto - S/T

5. Adam Michalak - Cloudy Days

4. Dan Deacon - America

3. Orcas - S/T

2. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn

1. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - S/T