Monday, December 15, 2008

Top Five Mood Ring Comments of 2008

Erica's list about red dresses and the ladies who wear them inspired me to do some additional research on the topic of the color known both formally and informally as "red." Over the course of my research, I came across a website from the HeartCore Corporation, which totally sounds like a dummy front for secret geniuses who can figure out how to do anything real easy like in that show The Pretender. Does anybody else remember Jarod? Man, that show was sweet.

In an article titled "Information About Mood Ring Colors," I was able to ascertain the many meanings of the color red as they pertain to mood rings as a measure of body temperature. Good stuff. But following the article, there were a number of insightful questions and comments left by users of, comments which spurred me on to creating this, the newest Saniel Bonders list, top comments about mood rings in 2008:

5. Jessica asks a question we've all wondered at one time or another: "I am wearing a mood ring right now, and I am very sad right now, but it shows no color of sadness? Is my mood ring a fake?"

4. Lily fell into the old Dollar Store Mood Ring Trap: "I just got a mood ring and it is a love me or not mood ring, and I don't have a color chart for it just because I got it for 1 dollar do you know where I can get a color chart for it?"

3. Brizette's question is so far beyond me, I'm hoping one of you can help: "Hey, I noticed that when I was talking to this guy that has been my friend for a long time, my mood ring became pink. I read on the chart above that pink is usually fear. I like this guy, but I don't know why I would be afraid. Can someone explain this to me?"

2. Scott gets very, very reflective with his comment. And I think he has a great point about mood rings reflecting our soul feelings, rather than just body temperatures: "I got a mood ring when I went to six flags. When I'm with the girl I'm going out with it is always a mixture of vivid red and vivid greed. When I'm alone it is always completely black. It's red and green when I am with her because of how she makes me feel. But the color black, I believe reflects the pain i feel physically. I take more notice of the pain when alone and no one is there to distract me. It's more than temperature, even in the cold the color is always the same with me, only changes when I'm with her that proves it's more than just temperature."

1. Linda has quite a problem with the utter complexity of her mood ring. She obviously did NOT get it at the dollar store: "I have a mood ring with five dolphins that look as though they are moving around the ring. The dolphins are inside the ring. The dolphins change colors as well as the ring. Right now the ring is a teal color with whitish and gold dolphins. Most of the time the ring is blue with gold dolphins. Occasionally, the ring is a pea green color with the dolphins being pinkish or gold. I appreciate any information you can give me on this."

I bring this list to your attention because these are incredibly powerful comments that beg for reflection, careful thought, and tender responses. If you can answer any of these questions, please do so in the comments area below. Thank you.


  1. agreed.
    i think the dolphins, esp the golden dolphins, represent her dreams. so, that's what i think.

  2. Did anyone else catch the symbolism from Scott in #2?

    Also, Brizette is a rad name.


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