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X-Files continued 10-6

Earlier, I posted my my favorite X-Files numbers 25 - 11 with the promise that i would post my top ten in the future. Well, the partial future is here, because i have the next half of my post... with Episodes 10-6!!! I know, i know, PACO IS JUMPING WITH GLEE!!!!!! As a recap:
25. Ice
24. Hollywood AD
23. Humbug
22. Kill Switch
21. Our Town
20. Kaddish
19. Irresistible/Orison
18. Signs and wonders
17. Monday
16. Millennium
15. Paper hearts
14. All Souls
13. Unruhe
12. 1st Person shooter
11. Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip
now.... the next 5 of this very long POST.

10. Small Potatoes (4x20 – Vince Gillian)

“the birds and bees and the monkey babies, mulder”: Part One
There is never a lack of creativity with story lines with the writers of The X-Files. Some episodes amaze me with different characteristics – this episode makes me laugh all over the place.
“Not unless they have trailer parks in space”: Part Two
I really like the Villains who aren’t villains, just people who are in some way extraordinary, even if they have the guise and live the life of completely ordinary. Eddie VanBlundht, who at first meeting with Mulder, Fox rolls his eyes, is just this wonderfully crafted type of stand alone character. He’s amazing, he’s witty in his dullness and most of all, he’s got “personality”. Darin Morgan, writer of “Clyde Bruckman” and “Humbug” plays Eddie and his talent in pulling off this con-artist’s persona is just as stellar as his writing ability!
“Scully, should we be picking out China patterns or what?”: Part Three
There is a theme with me, if you haven’t noticed – I happen to, like any normal X-File lover, roll around in the glory that is Mulder and Scully’s relationship. Their chemistry is phenomenal and the other types of tension happen to be brought out to light during a candlelit rendezvous with… er.. mulder? Noteworthy scene: Mulder’s apartment scene after the investigation wraps up.

9. Triangle (6x03 – Chris Carter)

“How’d you like to see the stars on the American flag” :Part One
You know that feeling when, at the very beginning of something, you can tell it’s going to be awesome? That’s the beginning of this episode. September 3rd 1939 is being relived in the Bermuda Triangle and the history pours forth X-Files style. Fox Mulder has his chance to stand up to the Nazis and to make sure history’s course stays on track.
“There are spies everywhere.. Trust no one!” Part Two
Speaking to the theme of evil living on in every era, this episode carries out, in a very Wizard of Oz-espe style, that yes, in fact, we hold those we love and trust close – and those we don’t , those who have betrayed us and those who are down right nasty, have been and probably always will be.
“in case we never meet again”: Part 3
Mulder acts on intuition – this episode is no different. With the fate of the future resting on his decision, he decides to trust the OSS Scully – who, of course, doesn’t let him down. This episode is brilliant with few cuts and beautifully executed ship shots. Sometimes I feel claustrophobic watching this. Two more things, Scully is fluent in German in this epi, harking back to season four’s “Unruhe”. Secondly, the Noteworthy scene is the ballroom fight – who doesn’t like to see Nazis getting their ass’ kicked?

8. all things (7x17 – Gillian Anderson)

“time passes in moments”: Part One
Sometimes I run across something that reminds me of me – the themes and macro ideas of this very intimate episode resonates in my soul of souls, the questions asked and the dialogue held have oft been my quandaries and personal conversations.
“When we hold on to shame, guilt and fear – it creates an imbalance, makes us forget who we are”: Part Two
I love, love, love the take on Eastern religions/healers and sickness of this episode – tackling the hard lesson of embracing who and what we are for the sake of striking a balance with the universe, no matter how small we are.
“How many different lives would we be leading if we made different choices”: Part Three
Finally, Scully has to go on this journey alone. We see that in this series from time to time, but it is a rare gem to behold, but she had to embark alone on this spiritual, profound journey alone because we all have to do that. Questioning choices, she wonders if she’s really happy of is she’s just going through the motions. I believe the end of this episode wraps up our questions just fine. Let’s not forget to mention about this episode, the entire 45ish minutes is beautiful; wonderfully shot, manipulating and gorgeous. Noteworthy moment: the temple scene.

7. The Field Where I Died (4x05 – Glen Morgan and James Wong)

“At times I almost dream I, too, have spent a life the sage’s way..”: Part one
Doesn’t the age old question ask if we survive death – and if we do, why and how and where? This episode strikes something deep in my soul and makes me unspeakably sad. I believe this X-File does so much more than investigate the paranormal, it investigates humanity while journeying into the spiritual. Another X-File lover describes this epi as “poignant” and “heart breaking” and “romantic” (http://www.munchkyn.com/xf-rvws/field.html). And I agree on all three counts.
“Souls come back together…different…but always together.” Part two
David Duchovny and Kristen Cloke (the Melissa Reidel-Ephesian) give superb renditions of bereaved and devastated people ripped apart by death – Mulder reminds us that, though separated now, “love, love, ..souls mate.” This X-File is eerily beautiful and painstakingly pitch perfect on many levels. Noteworthy scenes include any scene in the field.

6. The Unnatural (6x20 – David Duchovny)

“I don’t wanna be a famous man… I just wanna be a man”: Part One
This is a heart string plucking episode that makes the all-American girl in me sing from the mountain tops. Jesse L. Martin is fabulous as Negro League Superstar Josh Exley – he carries this X-File on his back with his never ceasing smile and humble persona. He is easily one of my favorite outside actors - he is strong, brave, graceful and what everyone wants in a hero.
“Maybe you should start paying less attention to the heart of the mystery and more attention to the mystery of the heart”: Part two
Mulder is passionate and driven and so devoted to his life’s work that I forget he probably has days off from the FBI. It was nice to see one of Mulder’s Saturdays. I love the sense of wonderment Fox encapsulates during Arthur Dale’s story – it’s all kinds of inspiring – when he stops trying to figure it out and just listens.. and is.
“Life ain’t like baseball, is it, Arthur?”: Part Three
This episode has mass appeal – it’s a sports themed tear jerker, motivation to be true to one’s heart and inspiring to love and love without foul. Even the demise of the hero is amazingly heroic. And as far as I’m concerned David Duchovny has, you guessed it, hit a home run! Noteworthy scene: The final scene makes my heart explode.

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