Tuesday, December 22, 2009

waiting to do these:

Hey ya'll, Frodos.

True love waits. and also, i'm waiting to post more lists until a few things:
#1. i have more TIME
#2. I have time to THINK
#3. I watch more x-files.

but i also, like paco, wanted to give you a preview of the lists i'm going to be posting like a ghosting.
#1. top albums of significance to moi
#2. top hip hop songs of the year
#3. top things i wanna check out come the new year
#4. reasons why i need a new job
#5. reasons why i don't.
#6. tip top top hats
#7. as etiquette goes, things to NOT say to people who have just had a baby.
#8. Or maybe, in social situations, things to NOT say. this might help a few of you... or at least this might help a few people who a few of us know or don't know
yeah, i'm burning on ya.

i would post my top ideas for tattoos. HOWEVER, I KNOW YOU ASSHOLES WOULD STEAL THEM
so i'm not.

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