Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Several Lists I'm planning on making but didn't have time to make yet.

Too Bizaay! This list is pointless but I want to feel like i was contributing (unlike Hans Anderson) to the site so there. If time will hold me well:

1. Top 10 MoovaayS!
2. Top Some number korean street foods!
3. Music is divided up into three catergories because last year my list was too long. So this year it is still too long but I've cheated it into three fake catergories so it seems more digestible:
a. Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums
b. Top 15 Indie Rock/Electronic/Not the other two catergories
c. Top 25 Drone/Ambient/Experimental/Other stuff
4. Top 35 Sweetest Blades of all time
5. Top 10 Sexiest ways to hold your ground
6. Top 6 Ways to sex up your trip to the post office
7. Top 100 Celeb tips for going to the library...covered in granola barzzzz, whowh!
8. Best Zany Granny Fatties of the new millenium
9. Worst ways that I totally slaughtered homeless dudes in the dark of night
10. Worst ways to spell "tanny" or "blads" or "tanny blads"
11. Coolest new hairdoos and hairdoo nots of jazz


  1. I almost forgot, best 3 ways to "rev it up"

  2. I was gettin around to it.

    Here's my focuseses right now:

    Top 10 ways to not mess up kids' lives

    Top 20 ways to not grade so many papers

    Top 7x ways to help kids understand math and science

    Top 12 ways to lose my job

    Top 400 ways to mentally flog myself for not doing better at everything that I do

    See? I'm listin it up! Call me Hans Liszt!

    P.S. Can't wait for #6 and #9.

  3. Hans Liszt (Franz liszt) and Jeff BBZ
    in addition to #6 and #9 - i can't wait for #5!!!!!

    i need to think aobut my lists i probably wont make.


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