Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 2 great incidents with old korean men in the past two days including right now

2. Talked on the subway for a long time with this old dude who was an army cook for the american army during the korean war and then later in saudia arabia for some reason for 16 years.

He just came up to me and started talking. He was old looking but not the 78 he said he was. the best part of all of it was that he spoke english with an italian american accent and said things like "pizza pie" and "sawsage." It was the best and he invited me to come visit the school he is a night watchman at sometime and he will cook me cheeseburger or a pizza pie. There are lot more things right now but because of number one on this list i can't type very well.

1. Got Forced Drunk With a lot of Korean Old men.

Today was some kind of festival in our small village center so we went to go serve a bunch of old dudes delicious meats and items. But the old dudes love me because I'm the wierd white guy in the room, so especially this one old dude with a trachiotomy so I can't understand a single thing he is saying especially in korean, really loved me and wanted me to drink lots of Soju (A sort of Korean Rice Vodka) with him and his old buds. I managed to escape after only having three double shots and a half shot, so I'm not totally out of it here at 2 pm but I have taken some affect into my blood stream and conciousnesssssssssssssss. But it was really hilarious and no way to avoid it and now that old man loves me bad. They also asked me to dance and since some kaorake but i had to leave out of there real bad, don't I had it! Oh those olds and there olds mans days!

Update: woah, I'm tired now!!!!

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