Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top 500 Historical Heads of State: 500-496

500. Francis Joseph II

State: Liechtenstein

Reign: 1938-1989

Likes: neutrality, profitting from the Holocaust, women's rights

Dislikes: Jews

499. Selim II
File:II Selim.jpg

State: Ottoman Empire

Reign: 1566-1574

Likes: orgies, debauchery

Dislikes: everything else about being the Sultan

498: Jie of Xia

State: China

Reign: c. 1625 B.C.

Likes: oppression, his concubine Mo Xi

Dislikes: not being carried around on a sedan chair

497. Sir Hector Horace Hearne
Note: There is some question as to the authenticity of this image.

State: Kenya

Reign: 1951-1954

Likes: Roman Law, taking it easy

Dislikes: Africans

496. Arturo Frondizi

State: Argentina

Reign: 1958-1962

Likes: Doing funny looks with people, as evidenced here.

Dislikes: foreign investment in things other than oil

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