Wednesday, December 22, 2010

warm up, like Calisthenics

This is my latest grocery list.
Read it and weep because i'm having a party.

Lil weenies (2 bags)
2 bags of chippies for dippies
choc. chip cookies chocolate chips

this list is just to wet your whistle. bait your appetite for all that is coming forth. also, check out this cleave? you likes?


  1. that reminds of the cleave i like
    the type with the line that is visible.
    the line that sometimes looks like a 'Y' because it branches out at the top, proving that there are two of the things being dissected by the line.

    mucho valuable post.

    please keep the breast-separation lines coming.

  2. I agree with andy. way rack up the rack posts.


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