Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Not that any of you need this, because you already have all of these appearances memorized like that backs of your palms.... but here are MY top ten Robert Pattinson 2010 TV Appearances....

10. March 2nd - The View (with Emilie de Ravin)

09. March 2 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

08. June 14th The Today Show

07. June 15th - Jay Leno

06. March 1st - The Today Show

05. March 9th - The Early Show

04. June 23rd - Jimmy Kimmel Live

03. May 13th - Oprah

02. May 19th - Ellen Degeneres Show

01. Mar 1 - The Show with Jimmy Fallon


  1. love this post but he's so ugly in some of those photo ops.

  2. great list, but where's the in-depth analysis of each appearance?

    also, i think the view is too low...

  3. I don't even known who this guy is! Talk about being out of it. in the jimmy kimmel pick he looks like vanilla ice crossed with brendan fraiser. Which is who I will pretend he is from here on out.


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