Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite top 8 accessories of the year.

Number 8. Arabian stallions with pink jewels.
First, I'll admit it, i love(d) horses as a child girl. Really, I did. Probably once a week growing up I would have seriously vivid dreams about riding horses in the city where i grew up, or in fields or in the woods... and every now and again, i have similar dreams. so, no duh about why these are in my top 8 most fabulous most favorite accessories of the year. Nostalgia mixed with with priss. Grand.

Number 7. T-Rex.
Recently, I have stumbled upon the news that the Tyrannosaurus Rex may not have been a vicious hunter at all, but maybe just a scavenger. i'm not kidding. and it makes sense. the Evidence is undeniable. Large nasal cavities for much smelling, tiny, beady eyes (not good for seeing) and little bitty baby arms aren't much for killing. However, those LEGS. Holy shit, watch out - they can run to their meal faster than other little jerks. These beauts were on sale at Claire's and I knew once I saw them, they'd be a big hit at the library. I might be the most hip librarian under 30.

Number 6. This Crown: all the kings and queens.
Met a girl named Katie Harris this year. She's a young one. Like 19 or some ridiculously age.
I can't help it. I work at a restaurant with kids, I meet and befriend most of them. She is girlfriend to my manager and she makes jewelry. Good jewelry too. It's unique and gathered from antique stores or paper items - she's savvy and thus makes jewelry i connect with. I like it and i'm not afraid who knows it. I wore this necklace on my first day of work at the library. It rules, so do i.

Number 5. Black Balls (Inappropriately big studs)
I like black earrings, they basically go with everything. But,i also like quirk. Seriously. You didn't know that about me? These earrings are huge. I'm serious. Huge. They are awesome. Even though they aren't flashy or bright, they still get the attention of people who love earrings because of their size. I like to wear them with more colorful clothes or just your basic tank. Versatility is a must for earrings in my household.

Number 4: Aang's Staff necklace. (Talk about the best)
Okay, maybe slightly nerdy, but i say, who gives a care? I watched this whole series this year. Blew my mind from left to right and all over the place. Matt Plett told me for one thousand years that I need to start the series,and boy oh boy, am i glad i did. I couldn't stop watching. I immediately arranged myself as part of the water tribe. (well, duh, everyone knew that about me) but to wear the Aang's symbol around my neck well, it let's everyone know that i love the series. (i usually wear it with an open neck as to show it off).

Number 3. Green Blue and their sparkly friends. AKA: bling.
These big stones sparkly like tomorrows future in diamond mines free of blood and dust. That's why I wear them. These puppies are summer time tinks all the way. I have all sorts of colors, like 3 pinks, blues, and greens. And even reds! I like their color; I like their size. I can't deny it, they seem juvenile (like all my options) but when someone loves, does that love hide away?

Number 2: Thunder bird burn the skies. Wedding attire.
It takes one special necklace to accompany to my best friends' wedding. Seriously. I could have chosen any befitting option. But i didn't. This necklace speaks to me, it's light weight and gorgeous. it represents power and maybe sometimes war and always awesome fear. plus, it's pretty and i like to wear moccasins.

Number 1. Yellow studs are the best lovers. These are my default. And i swear, library or B. antonio's, someone always, always always mentions them. Yellow looks good with my skin tone, i can sleep in these, i can wear them with my favorite color shirts, look good with skinny jeans or green, green pants. these are the winners,no holds barred, hands down, and of course, they've always been the winner forever.


  1. hey mabs,grate list
    i like all of these looks on you, and i am willing to bet they would look good on me too. WTS (will try someday). that said:
    two concerns.
    1. farmland needs to get a better website. tried to look at it but fell asleep or something. here it is four hours later.
    2. please be careful when wearing such fabulous accessories that they don't end up in the external auditory meatus of your favorite (or second favorite depending on who you ask (michelle) bartender). could be dangerous.

  2. You are so cute, I can't stand it.

  3. Where do you get a necklace of Aang's staff?! I want one soooooooooooo badly!!! Can you tell me where to get one???!!! Please and thank you!!!!!!!! :) Please contact me at

  4. the necklace of aangs staff please, send me a price or where to buy, thanks!

  5. Hi! lovely accesories! but of course I have to ask about Aang´s necklace, please can you tell me where to buy it? thanks a lot!!!


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