Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tap tin releases by this guys

some mans strive for greatness, whether its on the field swinging away for the fences, in the locker room pumping your muscles full of liquid heat, on the go enjoying a quick meal with all of the fixings, or making riffs go round and round in a endless cycle of "hey hun, come listen to this." "oh, yeah george. you're right. goddamn that's good."
so here's the best of the best according to this baseball fan

noumb 5.


'living with yourself"

this was MM's official release of the year. it's good too. you should listen to it (especially #4 Brain Storm (for Erin))

now that's a dog that can bark.

noumb 4.

'guitar meditations'

this is some of the longer things out there. good for a drive or a walk or a read. this will take you all the way home and back

around the bend.

nuuuuumbbb 3.

'between family'

i original stumbled across this album on, and quickly rated it hot.

after i listened to this twice my teeth fell out, but i collected them don't worry.

number 2.

'mark mcguire'

don't know what this is officially called (this is not the actual art work), but it's a three guy, which utilizes acoustic guitar for a delightful change. sounds mostly like pretty snow sounds.

whomber 1


'tidings - amethyst waves' 'vacation days'

sorry but there was a tie.

couldn't be helped. these are both wonderful listens and you should go pick them up first thing at your local Barnes & Nobel.

both four tracks, both glassy goodness. 2010 will definitely go down in infamy as the year of the mcguire, and if yo ask me, these are the wind beneath his wings.


  1. andy, you're funnier than who knows what.

  2. erica, you are funnier than the second place contestant on last comic standing

  3. If you guys don't knock of this lovely dovey stuff, I'm a have to take both of you all the way home and back around the bend.


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