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Top 11 Electronic, Dupstep, Dance, House and similarities Jamz of 2010

Okay list Part 2:

For the first 1/2 of 3/4s of the year I didn't really pay that much attention to Electronic music of this kind, or at least not as much as I usually might. Then I got either the number 1 or number 3 on this list and I suddenly remembered how much I love it. But I felt behind and lazy and my internet is slow so I only pursued it somewhat. Then year end lists started popping up and I decided to check out some more what was an incomplete list (basically my top 6) suddenly became a top 11 and I'm once again listening to lots of electronic music with plans for more listening.

11-8 I just got so I don't really have many comments about except that they are worth a listen if you're inclined, especially Teengirl Fantasy.

11. Actress - Splazsh (Honest Jon's) 

10. Scuba - Triangulation (Hotflush) 

9. Pantha du Prince - Black Noise (Rough Trade)

 It's Pantha du Prince! I didn't even know they had a new one out. I'm not sure about it yet but its goodish at least. Check out "Lay in a Shimmer" or "Satellite Sniper" which on the first few listens are the standouts for me.


8. Teengirl Fantasy - 7 AM (Merok Records)

This is really good but I don't know it enough yet to say much. But I think you should check it out. Really. go ahead.

7. Michael Mayer - Immer 3 (Kompakt)

I love Michael Mayer's (head of Kompakt Label)(Kompakt being home to The Field and Gui Boratto among many many other sweet dudes) Immer mix series. If you don't know it and you like house music (the mellow kind) you should check out 1 and 2 especially 1. I didn't even know there was a third one until last week. This is really good and would be higher if I hadn't just found it. May be too boring or classic for some of you but for you true blue house lovers its great.


6. Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated (Planet Mu)

I don't know what genre people are calling this, Wonky? Who cares right? Anyway its too short but its great. Hard jamming electro-wonko-good times! Seriously just check it (and any other tracks you can find) out. Really good. you love that.

5. Chromeo - Business Casual (Atlantic)

This got no love. Chromeo seems to generally get no love. Which is weird because they were doing their thing, and doing it well, before it was trendy and then not trendy again to do that thing. I think its wierd they are on a major label, both because that's dumb but also I can't imagine it really being a sound business move for "the industry". And despite the panning reviews this is them still being really good at what they do. Smooth slightly sleazy electro disco jams soup for the pregnant teenage soul.


4. Rustie - Sunburst (Warp)

This one had me from the cover. I mean come on look at that. Also He's from Scotland, which is fun. This is another case of what is possibly called "Wonky" which is apparently the aftertaste of some kind of dubstep mixed with what reminds me of French loud house or in Rustie's case also sometimes Russ Chimes, kinda sorta. If you don't like the track "Hyperthrust" then get outta town.


3. James Blake - CMYK / Klavierwerke (R & S Records)

Seems like a friendly lad. Two very different 12 inches but also clearly still by the same artist. I believe the hype and I highly anticipate whenever he gets around to a full album. CMYK is kinda R&B laced Post-Dubstep (what?). Klavierwerke is totally different and more minimalistic fidget-house-like. They are both very fidgety but with lots of space. and lots of good. Get on it if you haven't already.

2. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (Warp)

I thought FlyLo was okay but couldn't see the big deal really until this. Which seems to be the opposite reaction, as people made of big deal of him before but seemed to just kinda like this album as opposed to loving it. But I love this awesome mess of good gold. And its seriously a golden brown mess. Do you like many styles of music and wish you could listen to all of your albums at once but it not be just noise? You win! If this were not the digital age, this album would have taken like 300 years to make. Also its awesome and I anticipate liking it for 300 years. It's so good I moved it up from 5th to 2nd as I was writing this!!! This might move up to number 1 if I write anymore! If it's too crazy to get into right away for you, start with "Do The Astral Plane". I don't know if it's the best track but it's probably the most immediately catchy. But really its a whole album listen album not a track listen album.

1. Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers (Hotflush)

What a great album. This is like the sunrise after a long dub-step night. The other side of the Burial coin, where you come out a dream that felt like 1000 years of darkness and wake up from the light that shines through the cracks in the blinds and the camera does an artificial lens flare added in post production. Lots of people liked this but very few put it at the top. Maybe because there is nothing insane or shocking about it. It's just a very, very solid album which is also a logical progression of sound from the past into the future. I think I will listen to this a lot after many other things fade away. Maybe. or not. But its one of the best of 2011.

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and then finally a little later: Top 36ish Drone, Ambient, and Experimental Jamz of 2010

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