Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 5 Indie Rockies and Such Like of 2010

Aw yes. We are back again. Because of complaints in that past about huge horrible lists, I have split mine into 4 lists. This is the first of the 4 because its the easiest. Actually they are all done but you know making them a post takes time n' stuff.

Top 5 Indie Rockies and Such Like of 2010

To be honest I didn't really listen to much Indie Rock this year or at least not new stuff. It seems to be a be where I am heading at least recently. Anywhere there were still a few good things to be had this year. Probably more but these are the 5 I listened to enough to put on a list. This list is probably pretty pointless because I think most of you have heard these anyway but whatever:

5. Toro y M
oi - Causers Of This (Carpark)

I actually just downloaded this a few days ago, so I don't really know what I think but I needed to put 5 not 4 and this seemed pretty great. I was afraid it was chillwave when I first heard about it but it seems to be something better. Matt describes it pretty well in his list on his blog, so read that.

4. Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz (Asthmatic Kitty)

I kind of expected not to like this even though I mostly like Sufjan's stuff, although not as insanely as I would have a few years ago. However, turns out he's still great. As I said before (and no doubt the absolute first on the whole internet), It's basically like Soft Bulletin (i.e. when they were still important) Flaming Lips meets Jason Forrest (minus some of the insane smashing shit upishness). Plus of course quite a bit of Sufjan. Which are all goods things and things that I missed. Great work.

3. How to Dress Well - Love Remains (Lefse Records)

This is maybe not indie rock but anyway...

This is one of the few albums that I was recommended by the dreaded pitchfork where I actually followed their advice. I really expected it to be dumb boring garbage. But it turns out its totally great. I'm sure a million dudes have called it something like lo-fi R&B for ghosts, but that's pretty much exactly what it is. And I love it bad.

2. Ceo - White Magic (Sincerely Yours)

Honestly, I just found out about this on some year end lists. But I love The Tough Alliance (RIP!) bad and this is pretty much the exact same thing plus more new agey CG dolphins swimming through poorly rendered waterfalls type music (which is the best part). The only bad parts are how short it is and that actually I wish the best new agey parts where a lot more or all of it. Still with the songs, "Illuminata" and "White Magic" you can't really ask for more...except for much much more! I need more!

1. The Books - The Way Out (Temporary Residence Limited)

The Books! Still at it after all these years. Still sounding fairly much the same, which is good because its an awesome formula for success. There were a few weak tracks at the end, such as Free Translator and We Bought The Flood. But overall its still a great and inspiring album and attains many moments of "Books Catharsis." You know like, when real life becomes an awesome lazer and then it hits an awesome version of its ownself and makes you love life? Tiny collisions of real life and real life. And its great.

Still to come:
Top 10 Hip-Hop + R&B Albeems of 2010
Top 11 Electronic, Dupstep, Dance, House and similarities Jamz of 2010
Top 36ish Drone, Ambient, and Experimental Gemstones of 2010


  1. Way to get things rolling Paco! I knew I could count on you.

  2. yeah but where is everybody else??

  3. I think that how to dress yourself sucks. Sorry.

  4. so so wrong. but I forgive you. I forgave you even before you said that, 2000 years ago! And as a post forgiveness act of Christian revenge, I thought that Sleigh Bells album sucked. Actually I didn't really listen to it much, But I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Maybe I will try it again.

    But more important than all this you really need to be listening to to that Flying Lotus Album if you aren't.


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