Saturday, December 25, 2010

Best Christmas Alumns!

Christmas music is rad, man. And so is making lists. Like the best Listservs on the planet! So let's make a Christmas list. But with a couple of stips: One, no Bing, Dean and Peggy Lee. Great Christmas warblers, sure, but they have so many albums that it's unpossible to pick one. And two, no comps, even though there are some sweet Christmas tunes from Starflyer, Pedro and JJ on Happy Christmas or Maybe this Christmas or Christmas for Goyims. Alright, enough small talk. Hit it!

15. Amy Grant - A Christmas Album
So many great synths and keytar solos. But this was Amy Grant back in tha day, before the drama, before Baby Baby, when all she wanted was a Tender Tennesse Christmas. Cheesy? Yes. Feels like home? Absolutely.

14. Enya - And Winter Came
Yes, Enya is on my list. Deal with it. These guys were Sigur Ros back when Sigur Ros was Sigur Who? Ceewatididthr? THERE ARE NO MUSIC RULES AT CHRISTMAS!!!

13. The Blind Boys of Alabama - Go Tell It on the Mountain
These guys are blind and they sing the blues and the gospel. That's hot.

12. The Beach Boys - Christmas Album
A little old, but Brian Wilson is the sweetest man since ever. That means he's sweeter than Moses. MOSES MAIMONIDES!!! Vocal cords from God herself. I'm such a feminazi.

11. Leonard Bernstein - The Joy of Christmas
Lame alert! Jonny likes the Nutcracker. Taylor Townsend, I love you. Leonard Bernstein, you're a close second.
10. Tim Dinkins - Christmas on the Moon
I found this little gem on TPB. I have no idea who Tim Dinkins is/was/is yet to be, but he's amazing. Kind of twangy, lo-fi, x-mas joy. On the moon.

9. Low - Christmas
Quite quiet tunes from everybody's favorite Mormons. What? Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker aren't your favorite Mormons?!? You're a sick human being. Go drive your Hummer and destroy another rain forest sick human being!!! Exclamation!
8. Christmas in Russia
Russians singing Christmas carols? Yes, like angels! Like angels on the head of a pin! A beautiful choral pin topped with gorgeous choral voices! On a pin!

7. A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector
Cheater! No, really I'm not. Sort of a compliation, I know, which breaks the rules. But it's from/produced by Phil Spector, man! That hair, man! And good rock music, man! Making the kids dance like demons, man! It's bad in Bomont, I hear.

6. Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas
Vince Guaraldi, basically you're a peach. Thanks for the best Christmas special ever.

5. Rosie Thomas - A Very Rosie Christmas
Oh Rosie, I saw you once at a house show in Seattle. You were beautiful. Basically, you should have my Christmas babies. kthnxbi!
4. Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas
Yeah, possibly my favorite Sufjan song of all time is Sister Winter. All the volumes are streets ahead. Don't be streets behind, Listen!!!
3. John Denver and the Muppets - A Christmas Together
Goodness from my childhood! John Denver melts my six-year-old heart. And my current one, too. Also, did you hear they're making a new Muppets movie? And it's supposed to be not just for kids? Like the old days!!! Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!
2. Michael W. Smith - Christmas
Best Christmas album of the 80s. Best album of W's career. Circa some time around 1988 he birthed this beautiful thing full of carols and choirs and pop songcraft. His duet with Amy G? Fabulous! That sounded gay. Tis the season!
1. Over the Rhine - The Darkest Night of the Year
Number one with a bullet. Linford and Karen own my music liver along with Jesus. B/c my heart is full with possiblity. Don't worry, it's cool. This is literally the saddest, most beautiful Christmas album of all time. It kills me. In my bones. It's like death marrow. But in a good way.


  1. Duvall - O Holy Night

  2. jonny,
    overall great list. think you prolly just forgot "my kind of christmas" by Christina Aguilera, seeing as we were just recently talking about how good it was. i would also throw "christmas with babyface" on the list, but to each his own. none-the-less, i'm sure bebe jesus shrieks with delight when your birthday playlist starts up.
    good tidings indeed.


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