Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top Other Trax '12

Here's some other great hits that weren't a part of my top albums list.

JJ Doom - Wash Your Hands

This album (collaboration between Doom and Jneiro Jarel) was just okay, but this song rules.

  Also this album is great because it introduced me to Jneiro Jarel, and he's the best (this is old, but whatever):

Emeralds - Just to Feel Anything 

I thought Emeralds' latest was a bit of a step down, but it still had some great songs, the best of which is this one. Also, this totally sounds like Metavari. 


Outer Space - October 27th, 1989 - Bay Village, Ohio  

John Elliott's new album as Outer Space is as good as ever. Actually, I'm not sure why it's not on my albums list. Oops! The synth in this song is hard-hitting and "badass."  

White Rainbow - Racked up Spatter Clock
This guy is super versatile, releasing material ranging from smooth ambient to serious beats. This track is somewhere in between. 

Lotus Plaza - Eveningness
I think this guy is in Deerhunter, and this basically sounds like that. It's good.

Beach House - Myth
 I felt this album to be a little overrated, but it's still good. I love this song.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Like a Sundae
Hey, this is good too. 


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