Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 African-American County Comptrollers

Haha you idiots. I hooked you with the title and now you have to look at my stupid list. I'm not even putting them in order this year. Read em and weep.

John Wizards - S/T

First up and oh so hot! Thanks to Paco for the tip. This is the most catchy and fun music thing of the year.

Eluvium - Nightmare Ending

Easily the best Eluvium album.

Sean McCann - Music For Private Ensemble

A yearly fixture on my lizt. Maybe his best yet? Or maybe it's not? So many layers! So epic! So many instruments mostly played by Sean hisself! How awful is that cover though? Yeah pretty awful.

Deep Magic - Reflections of Most Forgotten Love

Lots of best albums yet by my old faves this year.

Aquarelle - August Undone

You know I'm a sucker for lush, vibrant drones. This hits the spot.

Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it

Give me a break. Just listen to this. Serious jamz.

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe

Oh man what a beautiful dream! A clear step up from her already awesome first album.

Julian Lynch - Lines

A seriously underrated guy I think. Real nice tunes.

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

It's great. Nothing else really sounds like this.

Tim Hecker - Virgins

Ol' Timmy never really puts out a bad album, and this is up to his usual standard. Everyone likes virgins, right? Also did you know he's getting his Ph.D. in the subject area Urban Noise?

Also I loved Daft Punk, but you already know about that, right?


  1. Carl McCall would have number one, though, right? All about star power really.

  2. hey great list of all greats which i agree with where i know about agreement. Don't know the Julian Lynch so maybe i gotta look into it. that Jerusalem In My Heart is the boss of boss nine. gets better with every listen!

  3. Thanks to everyone for the John Wizards recomm. And a special thanks to John Wall from the Wizards. Also, Juliana Barwick, grrrrrrr.


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