Sunday, January 12, 2014

Paco's Favorite 11 Exspearimental/Dronezz/whatevslikethatyoutguys releasers of 2013

Hey Channies, Maybe you thought I wasn't gonna make lists. Well maybe you didn't know that the sound on my computer broke but I, even I, persevered. This is the first of 4 easily digestible lists split up according to genre sort of, or just like whatevs.

This first list is XPERI-MeNTAL-IzM! WOAH YEAH! So if you are one of those guys who is like "hey whats all that racket?", then maybe you wanna skip this list. But also why not open up your mind and free your soul and give peace a chance and stick around? Let's go!

All that said, experimental music does not easily lend itself to rankings/list makings experimental music is often much more casual, the art act integrated into daily life, for everyone by everyone, as opposed to art as event, the album as blockbuster red carpet roll out hype, which is more easily found in other genres. This is a good thing in my opinion but also why people often think its "boring" because their listening is framed in a different manner. It's also why they don't end up on lists because they are not designed in such away as to be "album of the year" or whatever.

But anyway lists are fun so screw all that here's some stuff i liked.

1. The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Roadburn (Parallel Corners)

This bad boy was a sweet bad boy. I'm not sure whether I should have put this in my jazz list (and yessir, there is a jazz list) but I put it here. Sweet slooooooooow dark doomy doomjazz. Most people will not think this counts as jazz. Basically if you love patience and slow doom timez, you will love to wander as a lost soul across this barren wasteland of joy. Also this was free on bandcamp! wow! Except right now that page seems down or something.

2. Jerusalem In My Heart - Mo7it Al-Mo7it (Constellation)

A lot of you cads were probably into this. And rightly so! What a heckuvan album! wowwies! It's like your sweet dream of middle eastern music mixed with your sweet dream of experimental electronic makin' It is great. Thanks to bryce for leading the way to glory town.

Seriously check out that track!

3. Bitchin Bajas - Krausened (Permanent Records)

Bitchin Bajas have always been bitchin'. This is yet another one of their great releases. If you are sad you were not born during the first round of droney electro Krautrock, don't worry cause BBs got your covered with this sweet krautyslab.

4. Günter Schlienz - The Catalanian Tapes (Seconds Records) /Organ Studies (Constellation Tatsu)

 This one is a twofer. Both two great jams from the always solid Günter Schlienz. Synth it up, pal.

I couldn't find tracks from the albums. This is okay but not as good and not really what you need to know that.

5. Grapefruit - Stolen Highway (Constellation Tatsu)

Constellation Tatsu is putting out some good stuff. This is more synthy good times. Grapefruit is a fairly new comer but already batting like a pro. Last year's Twin Reflections c40 on Sloow Tapes was also great.

6. Forming - Variations of the One Essence (Worn Habit)

These guys are new and I know little about them except that they are from canada. Also they are masters of the gentle lo-fi loop. Many good things to be heard. track 3 "Resident of" is the most peaceful sample of all time looped for a way too short 3:20. OMG! Love it. Also I like the album art. Also they give their stuff away on bandcamp! Free! Actually going to find that link I found that they released a longer tape just this december. It could be even better! Its also free! I bet its not better than "Resident of" though! wow what a track of bliss!

There is supposed to be a bandcamp preview of the track embedded here but for some reason it won't embed. Probably because our blog is the worst most ugly blog of all time. Anyway its free at bandcamp, go get it!

7. Donato Dozzy - Plays Bee Mask (Spectrum Spools)

Who doesn't love Bee Mask? Well how about Bee Mask remixed as ambient italian techno? Originally supposed to be a one track remix of Bee Mask's Vaporware, Donato Dozzy like it so much he made a whole album. Great stuff. The preview below is snippets of the whole album so dig around.

8. Looks Realistic - Where Does it Come From? (Constellation Tatsu)

As I said, Constellation Tatsu is putting out some bangers. This is your standard issue lo-fi synthy loopy sound collage drone. Good stuff.

9. Expo '70 - Virtually from the Unknown (Sonic Meditations)

Expo '70 is always good news, but also a lot of it sounds the same (in a good way). So while I always enjoy the slow dark psychy zounds, nothing really stood out to me for a while, and with quite a few releases in my cachet, I sorta stopped paying attention for a bit. On a whim I nabbed this baby, and what a great whim that was! One of E70s top jambos in my opinion. Like much of Expo '70 this is dark super slow droney rock at that dangerous weird border where barn owl meets classic rock if classic rock was way more psyched out. This is a three peice though so it is actually a bit more psych rock than normal. Some of you may actually not like how much rock is going on here. Others will find the additional rock a welcome entry point. Anyway, if you are up for a long deep psych jam out then sync in your teethers.

10. Golden Pawn - This Lake is a Misty Mirror (Space Slave Editions)

Pleasant lo-fi ambient drone from newish label Space Slave Editions.

11. Noveller - No Dreams (Important Records)

I just heard this recently so I need to hear it more. Otherwise it might be up higher. I'm not quite sure whether I love it quite as much as some of Noveller's other blissfully noisy guitar drone gems (If you've not heard 2009's Red Rainbows, go find it immediately) but so far it sounds good. A bit more quiet/post-industrial collapse dystopian landscape film soundtrack than in the past which is not a bad thing. Basically I wanted to throw this up here because Noveller is a boss and it seems she doesn't get much recognition.

Other goodies, ie. Honorable Mention:
Julianna Barwick, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (cannot make a bad album), Aquarelle (Thanks Jim), Mammane Sani et son Orgue (Bryce, you'll love it), Date Palms (Bryce you will also like this), Jan St. Werner (This is gonna slip through the cracks and it shouldn't), J.D. Emmanuel (New Age synth king returns!), Moon Wheel


  1. Nice. Can't wait to check out these items. I'll use the self-checkout machine. Forming sounds good.

    Have you heard Dirk Serries new Microphonics from this year? I forgot to put it on my list but it rules.

  2. Also. Thanks to your changes, this is now the slowest, ugliest blog ever. Good job.

  3. Also the other Bitchin Bajas from this year, "Bitchitronics", almost made my list. Capiche?


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